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Community Education

Outreach, education and awareness on alternative and renewable energy are part of our mission to serve the communities where we live, work and play.

 Rowan University


    Rowan International Business Professor, Scott Testa, has always been a proponent of renewable energy and continues to offer support by teaming up with AEDG. His Spring 2014 International Business Students are working together with AEDG to develop an innovative approach to the way global cities plan for their future energy needs. The AEDG team led by CEO Chris Fraga,  AEDG Executive Director, David Sullivan, and AEDG Analyst David Magagna, have devised a program focused on deepening students knowledge of the renewable energy industry and  learning what it’s like to be a real professional with deadlines. The curriculum has been rigorous and rewarding. Students face bi-weekly deliverable deadlines along with face to face check in’s to ensure project excellence. Students also have continual communication with the AEDG team to enhance their learning experience. The project began when students were assigned cities and a research team. Since then, the project has progressed to each research team designing a custom city survey with revealing questions meant to engage city leadership in thinking about how to plan for their city’s future energy needs.  New York City’s commitment to energy resiliency and planning for its future energy needs validates AEDG’s project goals and the student’s practical experience. 

Julian Krinsky Summer Business Camp

    Throughout the summer of 2013, the AEDG team, led by members David Magagna Jr. and Jeff Nocella, and supported by Founder & CEO Chris Fraga, teamed with Dr. Testa to teach 8-weeks of summer class at Villanova University as part of the Julian Krinsky curriculum for business students.  Specific topics included:  Renewable and Alternative Energy Technologies featuring Solar PV and Bloom Energy Fuel Cell’s; Energy Development for the Commercial and Industrial market; and Energy Finance including the Power Purchase Agreement business model.


Hill Top Preparatory School 

teaching students

    In February 2012 Jeff Nocella, SolarSense Dir. of Commercial Operations, teaches three "Solar 101" classes to the students of Hill Top Preparatory School in Rosemont, PA.

Cabrini College 

                Any good Entrepreneur knows good feedback is crucial to business success. Constructive feedback from students specifically studying the industry is even better. In January, 2012, AEDG CEO Chris Fraga enlisted Cabrini College Business Student’s to develop a marketing and business plan for his new company, SolarSense. Under the guidance of Professor Scott Testa, students spent time researching and developing marketing and business plans. The class concluded with a final competition which refined the student’s best ideas even further. This collective knowledge of the class produced some great results. Chris will consider using some of the student’s creative insights as he looks to build his company. 

Alternative Energy Development Group  helps commercial-scale clients reduce their energy demand, reduce their energy supply costs, and become more sustainable and resilient. Our singular focus is solving customers' energy needs by utilizing proven technologies that deliver meaningful 

financial, sustainability & resiliency benefits.  

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