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Watts for Wishes

Watts for WishesSolarSense and Alternative Energy Development Group launched the “Watts for Wishes" charitable donation program in February of 2011, connecting the alternative and renewable energy industry with the Make-A-Wish Foundation® to provide children with life-threatening illnesses the funding to fulfill their wishes! The program, conceived of by SolarSense Founder & CEO, Chris Fraga, an 18-year volunteer, financial donor, and six-year Make-A-Wish Board Member. The program seeks to provide the funding for the fulfillment of children’s wishes from energy-related products and services by the industry's providers across the value chain.




Taylor's Wish - Age 9 

    Taylor Wells, 9, of Alburgh Vermont, was in joy Monday as she and Make-A-Wish Vermont CEO James Hathaway were awarded a check for $6,500 by renewable energy project developer SolarSense CEO Chris Fraga. Wells, went on a family trip to Disney World through the Make-A-Wish foundation. “When a child is sick, a family is sick and when a family is sick a community is sick. This gift from SolarSense will not just give one of Vermont’s children and family hope and strength to face a life threatening illness, it will lift an entire community,” said Jamie Hathaway, CEO of Make-A-Wish Vermont. Everyone's day was made a little more lively Monday after hearing about Taylor's recovery against Leukemia. “It’s a great day to be celebrating a solar project and celebrating a community donation,” said AllEarth Renewables CEO David Blittersdorf. 


Maggie's Wish - Age 2 1/2

   Full of hugs and spirited comments, two-and-a-half year old Maggie has had a rough year in and out of the hospital for treatment for pelvic cancer. Her illness began before her first memories were made and her family has struggled with the fact that her first vivid recollecitons of childhood have been tarnished by chemotherapy, injections, and hospital stays. When Maggie was given the opportunity to express her most heartfelt wish, it was no surprise to her parents that she wanted to ride a magic carpet with Princess Jasmine and dance like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Maggie's wished to leave the hospital behind, board her very first flight, and go to Walt Disney World Resort!



 Colin’s Wish - Age 10

    Colin is an energetic and kind 10-year old boy from San Francisco. Two years ago, an ankle injury led to a much more serious diagnosis: leukemia. Colin immediately started taking eight types of chemo per day, and two years since then have been a whirlwind of hospital visits, hair loss, medical isolation, and too many tests and scans to count. When Colin was interviewed by Make-A-Wish, he did not hesitate about his wish: He wanted a puppy. “I want a buddy that sleeps, cuddles and plays with me,” he said. When Colin’s family received a voicemail letting them know his wish was approved, Colin cried with happiness and replayed the message over and over. When Colin met his new buddy, Cabo, it was love at first sight. “To see the joy and excitement that he feels makes us so happy,” said his mom. Today, Colin is cancer-free chemo but will need to continue to take daily chemo pills and monthly IV for some time. But with Cabo by his side, he is not afraid.


Paola’s Wish - Age 15

   Paola is a bubbly and happy 15-years-old who is battling salivary gland cancer. While many girls her age spent many years thinking about and planning their Quinceanera parties, Paola was busy going to treatments for her illness. When Paola was introduced to Make-A-Wish, she couldn’t contain her excitement. She already knew what her wish would be; she wanted to have a Quinceanera like the other girls her age. During the ups and downs of her illness, Paola dreamt of having a traditional party with all the frills: formal dress, tiara, a big cake, and her own court of honor. The party ended up being a huge success! Paola took it all in, happily posing for all the pictures with her friends and family. One of her favorite moments was her grand entrance into the ballroom with her best friend.

   Paola has been dreaming about a Quinceanera since she was young and she was very touched that so many people wanted help her. Macy’s even provided some of her wardrobe for the special occasion. “It is a very warm feeling to know there are people out there to make other people’s day better,” said Paola. Her mom added, “This wish was special to her because it not only signifies her transition from childhood into womanhood; it also signifies the progress of her health from bad to good.”


 Jasmine’s Wish - Age 16

    Jasmine was diagnosed at 14-years-old with adenocarcinoma and has had to undergo surgery and countless hours of chemotherapy and radiation. Jasmine has stayed strong and hasn’t let her disease affect her schoolwork or extra curriculum activities. When Jasmine received the news that her wish was coming true, she couldn’t contain her excitement. Her anticipated vacation was a moral boost not only to her, but also to the entire family. It was a bright light guiding them through the toughest part of her treatment. Jasmine’s interest in Africa comes from her dad’s extensive historical African collection of arts and artifacts. Being able to see with her own eyes the many sites she has heard of, was a dream come true. Her favorite moment of the trip was the visit to the apartheid museum where Jasmine was able to go back on the emotional journey she has heard so much about. Jasmine and her family also enjoyed a four-day safari in the South African savanna. The best part of the safari was the elephant encounter, which was very impressive!

   Here is what Jasmine shared with us upon her return: “I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to travel to the land of my ancestors, and will be forever grateful to Make-A-Wish. They are truly angels amongst us!”


 Alyssa’s Wish - Age 13

    Alyssa was diagnosed at 11-years-old with lymphoid leukemia. She is currently in remission and healthy as can be! During her treatment, she was introduced by her social worker to Make-A-Wish and became very excited when she learned she was eligible to receive a wish. Alyssa had a few ideas in mind for her wish – all included going somewhere to enjoy sunshine, ocean and beaches. After much deliberation, she ultimately decided on a trip to Hawaii.The trip to Hawaii ended up being more than what Alyssa could ever have imagined. The family stayed at a beautiful resort where they spent a lot of time at the beach and pool and truly enjoying all the wonderful amenities the hotel offered. Alyssa went snorkeling and took many strolls on the beach. She even attended a Luau with her family. The moments she spent on Oahu were simply magical.

    Here is what Alyssa shared with us upon her return: “ I am so grateful to make-A-Wish for the wonderful escape they gave me from my day-to-day battle with leukemia. It was wonderful not to have to think about the next hospital stay and just being able to focus on the next fun activity that they had been planned for me. I will always cherish these wonderful moments!”


Jared's Wish - Age 9

   Brown’s ShopRite of Roxborough, in collaboration with U.S. Global Glow and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, will grant a special little boy an exciting wish. Jared, a 9 year old boy with cancer will receive his wish for an above ground pool this summer through Make-A-Wish Foundation, long known for the charitable wishes they bestow on children with life-threatening medical conditions. 

   This donation will be given in honor of the ShopRite of Roxborough’s storewide re-lamping initiative. The entire store will be re-outfitted with energy-saving lamps and lighting systems to lessen its impact on the environment. This change will save 1,681,979 kWh per year just in lighting alone, which equates to over 1261 tons of CO2 emissions per year. “We are dedicated to leading the way in enhancing the sustainability of our supermarket business. Our ShopRite of Roxborough will be the third of our supermarkets that will use LED and induction lighting, significantly reducing our energy costs and carbon footprint. We will celebrate this big accomplishment by partnering with U.S. Global Glow to grant Jared’s wish for a new pool through Make-A-Wish Foundation; this makes our effort even more gratifying,” said Jeff Brown, President and CEO of Brown’s Super Stores.

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