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Solar PV

SolarSense, AEDG's specialty solar division, provides comprehensive Solar PV Solutions to commercial for profit, not-for-profit, and public sector entities in the United States.







1. Sunlight hits solar panels with photons (particles of sunlight). The solar panels convert those photons into electrons of direct current (“DC”) electricity. The electrons flow from the panels and into an inverter. 

2. The inverter converts that “DC” power into alternating current (“AC”) power. “AC” power is the electric used by the utility grid and your organization’s electrical appliances. 

3. The inverter directs the “AC” power through your existing electrical panel and is consumed by your organization, or if not consumed, directed through the bi-directional meter between you and the grid. 

4. A bi-directional utility grade meter keeps track of all the power the solar system produces. 

5. Any solar energy that is not used immediately will go back into the grid through the meter. Through net metering, the extra solar energy that is not consumed is credited to the bi-directional meter. As your meter is credited, watch it spin backwards.

Alternative Energy Development Group  helps commercial-scale clients reduce their energy demand, reduce their energy supply costs, and become more sustainable and resilient. Our singular focus is solving customers' energy needs by utilizing proven technologies that deliver meaningful 

financial, sustainability & resiliency benefits.  

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